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                        The themes in Anastasia Michailova’s work are contradictions with themselves. Her work is both mysterious and clear. Each subject is magnificent yet disturbing. Anastasia’s precise free style is at once influenced by Modern Art and Barocco. Her smooth graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing an unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter.

 The fauna and figures she paints are seductive and contain freshness of air and melancholy.

6 years Stiglitz Art-Industrial Academy, Saint Petersburg – environmental design.

Anastasia  frequently updates her new work and pieces in progress.

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Group shows:

‘Sea Festival’ 23.07.2014 Klaipeda Gallery, Lithuania, Klaipeda
‘Russian Love’ 22.10.2014 Art Muza gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


‘Russia 2150′ 22.04.2015 MASTER gallery, loftprojectetagi
‘Russia’ 28.05.2015 MASTER gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
‘Zooculture’ 03.06.2015 EXHIBITION CENTER Saint-Petersburg Union of Artist, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
‘ART-ECO’ open air festival 26.06.2015 6-7 Linia (Vasilievsky Island), Saint-Petersburg, Russia
‘Look Towards East’ 07.11.2015 Art Beehive gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
‘Spiritual ties’ 29.11.2015 Creative center Wind of wanderings, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


‘Russian Beauty’ 18.03.2016 Loft Project Etagi, Saint-Petersburg, Russia